influencers + fans+ brands

What is #battleforinfluence?

Our mission is to unite people from around the world through world class travel events, hosted by influencers, athletes, creators, brands and charities.  For the past two years we've spent way too much time at home, alone, and looking at screens... it's time to explore once more.

We've designed 'Battle of Influence' events to provide endless wins for all:

  1. Influencers have a new way to monetize their brand and create content

  2. Resorts and other travel partners can now turn a marketing expense into marketing revenue as we bring hundreds of thousands in revenue and advertising to their properties

  3. No more expensive gala dinners for charities - we've created a better way to engage your donors

  4. Brands can now market to their clients using all FIVE senses as they utilize the power of experience

  5. Most importantly fans get an all-inclusive vacation that they can't get anywhere else at a price that can't be beat - We dare anyone to try

  6. Could this be the next big Netflix reality series? We think so





Cancun, Mexico



Paris, France