Heritage of a Nation

Armenia 2022

Our mission is to connect as many individuals with their heritage as we can.  We believe this is accomplished best by creating an earth moving event bringing: celebrity, sport, and musical talent along with corporate sponsors that care as deeply about our mission as we do. 

Thousands of 2nd and 3rd generation Armenian-Americans traveling from around North America to retrace their roots and connect with their heritage.  Concerts - by Cher and System of a Down.  The Kardashians and Dan Blizerian use their influence on social media to bring remembrance to the Armenian Genocide (which Hitler drew his inspiration).  Sport legend Andre Agassi and Alexis Ohanian use their influence and talents to support local charities to help strengthen the country from within.  Corporate sponsors Airbnb and 23andMe sponsor activities for the participants.  The culmination of celebrity, influence, and business and an awakening soul from thousands with Armenian heritage will work to make this the largest event of its kind.

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Kim Kardashian


Tennis Icon

Andre Agassi


co-founder of Reddit

Alexis Ohanian


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