travel + events brought together

the $800 global meeting industry is plagued by inefficiencies:

  • lack of transparency in bidding

  • dependence on 3rd parties to aggregate supplier services

  • intricacies of events in various jurisdictions

  • high markups (15-30%)

  • duplication

  • hundreds of 3rd party providers that add little value to end users

pangea saas solves this by:​

  • elimination of broker and 3rd party markups

  • reduction of process and operational duplication

  • reduced dependency on highly paid sales sales staff

  • price transparency 

  • bidding platform increases supplier competition

  • provides a platform for all suppliers to bid on a program

  • consistent and safe global payments

  • integration of smart contracts

  • reduction and eventual elimination of commissions paid by hotels and vendors

current market providers


revenue model:​

  • fixed % charge (3-5%) for all services bid/booked/payed/contracted

  • ​vendors/suppliers pay annual fee to be showcased on the platform ​

  • meta data collected to be sold to (governments / wall-street / industry participants)