Helpful Hints:

  • MOST IMPORTANT: If you have a tight connection into Lyon please don’t hesitate to ask flight staff or airport staff to help you make your next flight.  Airports in Europe are generally very good at helping passengers make connecting flights but you must not be afraid of speaking up and letting them know you need help.

  • In the unlikely case you miss a connecting flight please reach out and let us know the new flight number that you will be traveling on. We will make sure we’re at the airport to greet you.

    • The airline you’re booked with will be responsible for arranging the new flight into Lyon if needed 

  • Once your flight lands we will meet you outside customs in the main area.  We will have a sign with the ZG logo as well as your name listed.

  • Travel Insurance- Most health insurance does not cover overseas travel.  In many cases you can simply have temporary coverage added to your existing policy or purchase temporary emergency coverage.  While not required we always recommend making sure you have coverage that meets your needs. 

  • While the ship has WIFI and many coffee shops/stores in France have free WIFI, we highly suggest that you purchase an international data plan through your phone carrier.  The ships WIFI does not have the bandwidth for streaming video if you wanted to post live via social media.  ZG will reimburse you $50 if a data package is purchased.

  • We recommend you review the ships cruise tips which include dress code, ship contact numbers, docking locations, tipping and more:  https://www.amadeus-rivercruises.com/cruise-tips/cruising-facts.html

  • If there are any questions that come up please reach out to AJ or myself and we will get you an answer ASAP.

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