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"The Strategist"

Son of a first-generation immigrant who struggled to provide the life for his family that he dreamed of.  A natural whiz at everything he touches, Rob grew up an athlete and an academic with his head in the stars.  His 8-year career in finance enabled him to see the world firsthand in ways he only imagined as a child.  Now, a passionate entrepreneur, Rob is the founder of the company Zaven Global, which he named in honor of his late father.  Through his business journeys, Rob is turning his innovative vision into a valuable asset for the global travel and events industry and sharing his father's name with the world.


"The Nonconformist"

A native of Los Angeles who spent her formative years in the outskirts of Washington, D.C., Christina is endlessly curious with a surprising mix of passions.  At home on the farm or in a Michelin star restaurant, she always brings her true self to the table.  Christina is a perfectionist, a yogi, an academic, an equestrian, and an amateur chef, who, with a dash of spontaneity joined Rob as co-owner of Zaven Global to bring an out-of-the box approach to dealing with clients and curating events.

Rob & Christina

love at first flight

Supporting Cast

"The Sidekick"

  • Endurance athlete who thinks Lance Armstrong is misunderstood

  • Advocate of nootropics - don't ask him to cook with mushrooms


"The Swaggerer"

  • The Director of Events at Luxottica, a 20 year veteran of the events industry

  • He always takes center stage but not without his tap shoes

  • His closet is larger than most NYC apartments


"Heiress of the River"

  • Daughter of the Amadeus River Cruise empire

  • Don't let her Austrian accent fool you, she is a talented businesswoman

  • A self-proclaimed wine snob who has never tried fast food


"The Godfather of Travel"

  • A Sicilian with as many friends in Thailand as he has in Italy

  • Treats his friends like family and his enemies like in-laws

  • Has flown more miles than the average air force pilot


"The Fitness Diva"

  • 2014 Fittest Woman in the World

  • Yes, she can lift you over her head

  • Knows that perfectly-coordinated workout outfits give her an edge in the gym


"The Mother Figure"

  • Knows Ireland like her own backyard, because it is her backyard

  • Avoids birds at all costs 


"The Kiwi Belle"

  • The girl next door

  • She means business

  • Previously Director of Events at Tourism New Zealand, Emma is now a senior executive at the country's largest DMC


ZG Projects Transform into Reality Television


"Luxury Fashion in Paradise​"

Zaven Global orchestrates a luxury event to showcase Luxottica's premium eye wear brands (Oakley & Ray Ban) to its million dollar buyers.

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"Heritage in the emerald isle"

Zaven Global collaborates with 23&Me and AirBnB to create a heritage tour experience for North Americans with Irish ancestry to rediscover their roots.

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New Zealand

"'Ad'venture New Zealand"

In collaboration with Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand, Zaven Global works with celebrities, influencers,  and athletes to promote New Zealand as the ultimate adventure destination.

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The Wedding

"A wedding to remember"

Rob and Christina tie the knot aboard a luxury vessel as it travels on the Rhine River in Germany.


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